Favorite Wedding Venues Around Los Angeles

Looking for a fabulous wedding venue in the Los Angeles area? Don't fret, the City of Angels offers a variety of choice options, any of which are ideal for your big day. Check out a mere few venue recommendations, complements of the best wedding photographer in Los Angeles, and get inspired!

Phillippe's Downtown

Easily one of the more affordable Los Angeles wedding venue options, Phillippe's Downtown is an L.A. staple, established in 1908 by Phillippe Mathieu, the man behind the famous French-dipped sandwich. A private banquet hall lunch is crazy-affordable, and perfect for more casual affairs. Why not celebrate your love in one of the oldest and best-known establishments in Los Angeles?

Ovaitt Penthouse

An architectural marvel, the Ovaitt Penthouse was erected in 1928 and is just so darn pretty. The five-room penthouse is laden with Lalique crystal, as well as glass and marble imported from France. The outside patio is just as stunning, particularly at night when the glow of surrounding buildings and the clock tower above envelop you. Other perks include velvet carpets, multiple bars, tables, chairs, and your choice of linens. Oh, and there's also yummy food and plenty of photo opportunities.

The Thursday Club

This La Canada-Flintridge historical building is perfect for those who majored in women's studies or are otherwise fascinated with the history of women's rights. The building served as a meeting spot in the 1900s for women dedicated to equal rights, and as a wedding venue it's both spectacular and highly affordable. Book your wedding here and gain access to the so-fabulous kitchen, a beautiful courtyard and garden, the Spanish-inspired grand hall, and more. The venue is BYOB.

These are just some of the many gorgeous wedding venues available in Los Angeles! For all picture-related wedding needs, please contact the top wedding photographers in Los Angeles via Ugly Duckling Photography.